Studio Dark Room, apart from photo-shooting and filming of marriage and baptise events, also is responsible for covering events such as conferences, scientific consortiums, concerts, athletic events, various championships in football and basket, etc. And in every other field we can be of help to you.

Some of the events that are part of Studio Dark Room’s portfolio are:

Ø Ο.Τ.Ε.Μ.Α.Θ. Scientic Consortium for the Diabetes (13/04/2013)

Ø  11th Arthroscopic Consortium SomfyExpert 7 February 2013

Ø  Anuall Consortium SomfyHellas of North Greece Porto Palace (2/02/2013)

Ø  Ηyperglycemia (Military Hospital 424 Γ.Σ.Ν.Ε.)

Sample photo images from the categories mentioned above, you can find by browsing the gallery section of the website.